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buying a for sale by owner homeAlthough most homes for sale in the Colorado Springs area will typically have a selling agent, some owners opt for the For Sale By Owner route. What this means is that the owner is 100% in control of the sale, from setting the listing price and marketing it on their own to negotiation with the buyer directly. For buyers, this doesn’t really change how they buy the home, but there are a few things you should be aware of when working with a property that’s For Sale By Owner.

Do You Still Need An Agent If Buying From An FSBO?

Like with any real estate transaction, you can choose to work with or without an agent. That said, it’s completely free to work with an agent when buying a home, so why not have the expertise on your side? However, while it comes

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common real estate lingo and terminology

The real estate industry is filled with a myriad of terms and acronyms for things that you have probably never heard of and wouldn’t be expected to know. That said, getting to know the lingo is a great way to become more comfortable when talking about the market with your real estate agent and reading the listings descriptions of homes for sale.

Here are some of the most common terms, acronyms, and expressions you’ll come across during your home purchase or sale.

Common Real Estate Terms & Acronyms

CMA: Comparative Market Analysis

A CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis is a report that’s assembled by your agent to show what your home could be worth based on comparable properties. Typically, this report takes into consideration the size of

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Why Colorado Springs is a great place to live

Colorado Springs consistently ranks well for being a fun and livable city. In addition to its massive community of veterans, it’s also a popular choice for a growing number of retirees and millennials alike. So, what is it about The Springs that makes it so great? Here are some of our favorite things. 

1. Clean Air & Beautiful Views

Colorado Springs is home to a terrifically diverse mix of landscapes. From the towering Rocky Mountains to the awesome rock formations at Garden of the Gods and the lush forests of Black Forest to the sprawling plains of Eastern Colorado, people come from all over the world to experience the unique nature of the city. It also has one of the best air quality indexes in the state, which is great news for those

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