What Is Veterans' Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI)?Veterans' Mortgage Life Insurance, or VMLI, is protection available to veterans. The coverage is extended specifically to veterans with service-connected disabilities who have modified their homes to be more accessible. For example, they may have widened doorways or added wheelchair ramps are home improvements that qualify for the program. The purpose of the coverage is to make payments to the mortgage in the event of the policyholder's passing. Are you researching what housing grant options are available to veterans? Keep reading to learn more about veterans' mortgage life insurance.

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How Does VMLI Coverage

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Fort Carson Best Neighborhoods

Fort Carson is a 137-acre U.S. Army Installation and census-designated place located about eight miles south of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. Homes for sale near Fort Carson boast spectacular mountain views, proximity hiking trails, and neighborhood amenities like parks, historic sites, shops, and restaurants. If you're moving to Colorado Springs on military orders, you'll find that the city offers something for everyone, from unique dining to entertainment venues and outdoor recreation. Keep reading to learn about the eight best neighborhoods near Fort Carson.

Stratmoor: 10 Minutes to Fort Carson

Stratmoor Amenities

  • Stratmoor Hills Park on Sinton Avenue
  • Stratmoor Valley Park with hiking trail
  • Alfonso's Mexican restaurant
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Top December 2021 Events in Colorado Springs, COThe holidays are coming, and along with the cooler air, a feeling of excitement arrives that is fueled by many December events in Colorado Springs. In addition to the regular community calendar, some attractions and activities shouldn't be missed this year. From thrilling musical performances to holiday light spectacles, this December could be the most fun one yet. Keep reading for a complete overview of the exciting December 2021 events in Colorado Springs.

Light it Up at Electric Safari at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Electric Safari at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo ignites the community with a dazzling display of 60-plus unique lighted sculptures and strategically placed illuminated strands. There will be larger-than-life inflatable animals lit up throughout

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What Housing Grant Options Are Available to Veterans?Everyone who has served the U.S. military and dedicated their lives to help preserve freedom deserves thanks for all they've done. After separating from service, veterans should be supported as they transition to civilian life. One form of support for veterans is grant awards. Many veterans know about VA Loans, but they don't realize they might be eligible for additional grant awards. A housing grant is a monetary award to go towards any type of mortgage that doesn't need to be paid off, which helps military homebuyers budget for a house. Keep reading to learn about six housing grant opportunities for veterans.

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Military Families: What To Do If You're Late on Your MortgageSometimes challenges arise that result in financial woes that may put homeowners in a situation that makes paying their mortgage a problem. This can be an issue for current servicepersons and military veterans who can experience permanent life changes with little to no notice.

However, there are assistance programs that help first-time military homebuyers and long-time owners get back on track with mortgage payments.

The Department of Veterans Affairs or the official lender may be willing to work with mortgage holders who risk losing their homes to foreclosure due to financial shortages. Keep reading to find out what military members can do when to catch up when they're late on mortgage payments.

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How to Manage Investment Property While Serving in the MilitaryActive duty military members often find the best housing option for a Permanent Change of Station is to buy property in their new location. However, when PCS orders arise again in a few years, they must sell or rent their homes. Many military homeowners often tend to hold onto their houses and keep them as investment properties while on active duty. They find several benefits to maintaining ownership.

Owning a rental home offers a steady stream of passive income and provides a potential living option when they separate from service or retire. The problem military homeowners face, since they are absent landlords living in a new area or deployed for long periods, is how to manage their properties. Continue reading to learn about the best ways to

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Finding Housing When Military Waitlists Are LongMoving frequently during a military career means routine housing changes. When it comes time for a permanent change of station (PCS), many service members pursue on-base housing. Depending on the location, there could be long waitlists. Housing waitlists can add unnecessary challenges to the moving process. However, there are ways that military members can avoid waitlists and shorten the time spent on housing waitlists. Keep reading to learn what steps to take if a base has a long waitlist for military housing.

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Make Housing Decisions Quickly

Service members should decide their housing preferences quickly

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Tips for Active Duty Military Buying Homes While OverseasMilitary members often wonder if it's possible to buy a home while on active duty. There are some challenges of remote home buying, especially when the military member is stationed overseas. Finding the right home in the right place can be difficult. Fortunately, buying a home while overseas on military orders doesn't have to be as hard as it may seem at first. Keep reading to find five tips to make it easier for active-duty military members to purchase a home while abroad.

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Hire a Real Estate Pro Experienced with Military Home Buyers

A real estate professional in the intended area of purchase can serve as

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Things to Do near Peterson SFB

Peterson Space Force Base (formerly Peterson Air Force Base) serves as the main military base for the U.S. Space Force. Space Force personnel relocate to the city every year and require local information for military home buyers before buying the perfect property. Fortunately, the broad selection of Colorado Springs houses for sale near Peterson AFB makes it easy to stay close to the base and the city's many amenities. After work, military members will find a broad range of outdoor activities, restaurants, entertainment venues, and nightlife when looking for things to do off-base. Keep reading to find out what to do this weekend near Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs.

Outdoor Adventures Near Peterson SFB

Peterson AFB has a lot for

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Biggest Mistakes Veteran and Military Home Sellers Biggest Mistakes Veteran and Military Home Sellers MakeWhile selling a home can be the start of a new chapter in life, fast-paced military owners' moving timelines can push people to make hasty decisions during the selling process. Whether moving into a retirement community, upgrading to a new home, or buying a home while on active duty, several challenges during a home transaction can postpone those plans.

Delays and postponements can easily lead to making rushed decisions and mistakes. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common pitfalls veterans and current military members experience during their home-selling processes.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Selling a Home Without

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