Best Dog Parks in Colorado Springs

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Friday, April 2nd, 2021 at 2:29pm.

Best Dog Parks in Colorado Springs

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the first dog park was founded in 1979 in San Francisco. Since then, thousands of these canine playgrounds have popped up around the country, including in Colorado Springs.

It's not surprising that these canine playgrounds become so popular. Dogs owners love to see their pets get a little off-leash freedom. Oftentimes, the owners are doing just as much socializing. In fact, dog parks are often an important social hub for canines and their owners alike. The following five puppy playgrounds are some of the best dog parks in Colorado Springs.

Bear Creek Dog Park

Bear Creek Dog Park Amenities

  • Completely fenced
  • Different terrain types
  • Bear Creek
  • Agility training equipment
  • Separate area for small and senior dogs
  • Off-leash area
  • Walking trails
  • Dog washing area

Address: Bear Creek Regional Park East, S 21st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Located in El Paso County, Bear Creek Dog Park is every canine's dream come true. This 25-acre, fenced-in park is spread out over a wide variety of terrain, including open prairie, wooded areas, and hills. A section of Bear Creek flows through the park, giving canines a place to wade and splash to their heart's content.

Bear Creek Dog Park, which was established in 1997, is the county's most-visited park site. It's not hard to see why approximately 100,000 people and their furry friends visit it each year. This spacious park includes an agility training area and separate sections for large dogs and for small/elderly dogs. In addition to the off-leash area, the park also includes miles of walking trails.

Dog owners who forget to bring clean-up bags or water for their pups don't have to worry, as the park has canine drinking fountains and complimentary waste bags. Restrooms are available as well. This park even features a washing area, where dog owners can rinse the mud off their pups before going home. This dog park is located adjacent to Bear Creek Regional Park in West Colorado Springs.

Palmer Park Dog Park

Palmer Park Dog Park Amenities

  • Dog park and dog run areas
  • Off-leash area
  • Walking trails
  • Restrooms

Address: Palmer Park, 3650 Maizeland Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Palmer Park is a large multi-use park, offering both a fenced-in dog park and a dog run area. The fenced-in dog park is a converted ball field where pups can romp safely off-leash in a confined area.

On top of one of the mesas, between the Yucca and Mesa Trails, is a section labeled on park trail maps as the "Dog Run Area." Please note that this space, which includes approximately 2.5 miles of trails, is not fenced in. Only well-trained dogs with excellent recall should be allowed to run loose in this area, as there is nothing to stop a canine from running away.

There are more than 25 miles of trails in Palmer, so leashed dogs have plenty of areas to explore. Dog owners should bring water while hiking in this area, as there is none available on the trails.

The park, which is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. year-round, has bathrooms for humans and bags for the canines.

Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park

Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park Amenities

  • Separate areas for large and small dogs
  • Free dog waste bags
  • Open 24 hours

Address: Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park, 1560 Charmwood Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park is located on the south side of Colorado Springs. Although this dog park may not be as fancy as the bigger and more popular Bear Creek Dog Park, it does offer locals two clean, fenced-in areas for their pets to play. There is a section for large breeds and another for smaller dogs. The park's layout is flat and open, so owners can easily keep an eye on their pets while they are chatting with others.

Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park provides bags and a trash can for its canine visitors. However, there are no bathrooms available for dog owners to use. Because dogs are sure to work up a thirst while running and playing with other canines, owners should bring water and a bowl with them, as this facility does not have drinking fountains. Park visitors should also wear sunscreen and bring a hat, because Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park does not offer much shade.

This dog park, which is open 24 hours for the convenience of pet owners, has a reputation for being well-maintained by its users.

Rampart Dog Park

Rampart Dog Park Amenities

  • Benches
  • Sandy ground
  • Communal dog bowl
  • Restrooms
  • One-mile walking trail

Address: Rampart Park, 8270 Lexington Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

This popular dog park is part of the 78.4-acre Rampart Park, which is located in Northeast Colorado Springs. It is fenced, mostly flat, and has benches where owners can sit and enjoy the gorgeous views of the nearby mountains.

The footing in this dog park is sandy. Some people consider that a positive, because dogs are less likely to get muddy when it rains. Other pet owners dislike the sand, because it can get trapped in a dog's paws and fur. Therefore, pet owners who don't want to find sand all over their vehicles and homes may want to give their dogs a good brushing before loading them up for the ride home.

Rampart Dog Park has a reputation for being well-maintained by the pet owners who use it, so it is usually clean. A community water bowl is available, but it's always a good idea for pet owners to bring their own water and bowl. In addition to the dog park, Rampart Park has a restroom and a one-mile loop trail where owners can walk their leashed dogs.

Eastridge Dog Park

Eastridge Dog Park Amenities

  • 2.5 acres
  • Separate areas for large and small dogs
  • Water fountain for dogs
  • Walking trail

Address: Eastridge Dog Park, Shawnee Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Located in East Colorado Springs, visitors to Eastridge Dog Park should note that this park has two entrances, and that the closest one to the dog park is located at Constitution and Shawnee. Cimarron Eastridge Park, which is maintained by the Cherokee Metropolitan District, is open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily, so dog owners should plan their visit accordingly.

This 2.5-acre dog park, which is fenced and well-maintained, offers two runs: one for big dogs and another for small breeds. Eastridge Dog Park has bags and trash cans, in addition to drinking water for thirsty pups. Although this dog park is currently not well shaded, trees have been recently planted. For additional exercise, owners can walk their canines around a loop trail in Cimarron Eastridge Park.

Take Your Pup Out for Some Fun in Colorado Springs

Most dogs love a chance to run free and do a few "zoomies" with their friends. Colorado Springs has great dog parks for their enjoyment, including these five. Pet owners should remember to follow the rules of each park, as they are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of humans and canines alike.

Some of Colorado Springs' other local parks are dog-friendly, but be sure to familiarize yourself with each park's rules regarding which trails dogs are allowed on and whether dogs must be leashed. Regardless of where you live, be it in a downtown condo or a new construction on the edges of the city, there's sure to be a place for your dog to play nearby.

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