Chilling Tales of Colorado Springs' Most Haunted Places

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 2:27pm.

Haunted places in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is known for exceptional hiking and biking, amazing ski resorts, and some of the top tourist destinations in the country. But, did you also know that Colorado Springs has some haunted places that are sure to spook you to the core this Halloween season. For past Halloweens, you might have rented a scary movie or sit around your fire pit in your backyard telling old ghost stories. But for a truly eerie experience, why not get out and explore some of the haunted places in and around Colorado Springs.

Cheyenne Canyon

Cheyenne Canyon has a long history with local American Indian tribes. The ancient Native American folklore states that the God Manitou threw the devil himself into the canyon that faces the heavens. As it stands today, the rock formation that is called The Devil's Horns is said to mark the location where the devil was thrown.

One would now begin to think that it is the devil that is haunting this area, but in fact, this is not the case. There was another man that was known as a cheating gambler that followed the same fate as the devil. Archeologist found human remains that went back to the 1800s. It is now believed that this area was where many undesirable criminals were laid to rest, and their spirits continue to haunt the canyon to this day.

Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods is a world-renowned tourist destination that is the most visited attraction in the region. With so much to see and do, this is not only a common tourist site but a place residents are drawn to any time of the year! However, before bus-loads of tourists and visitor-friendly allure, the Garden of the Gods was an Indian burial ground, so it is no wonder there is paranormal activity said to be felt throughout the area.

The next logical question is what types of strange goings on have been reported over the years. The most common reports are things such as tourists feeling someone or something is in their car as they travel past the Garden of the Gods. Others have reported some unexplainable car troubles while driving through the area. Now naturally, some of these situations could simply be coincidental. Believe what you want, but if you can't explain it, it might just be haunted!

Antlers Hotel

Most recently rebuilt in 1967, The Antlers Hotel has actually existed in some form since 1883. With this long history, it has become well known by locals and ghost hunters from around the world. The hotel is said to have at least three ghostly residents. One of the spirits is often found in a bar called “Judge Baldwin’s Bar.” The other ghosts are female, one of which is said to be a young girl who committed suicide in the 1970s. These sightings do nothing to detract from the appeal of this classic, sophisticated hotel in Colorado Springs.

Gold Camp Road/Tunnels

Gold Camp Road and Tunnels were built in the 1800s for use during the gold rush. Back then, construction of railways was much more dangerous than it is today, and many workers didn't survive the dangers associated with construction. Today, the route is open to vehicle traffic and has several scenic pullouts for hikers. Since becoming open to the public, some visitors have claimed to have had some strange paranormal experiences during their travels. There are other stories over the years about a school bus that was hit by a train and sounds of laughter and screaming were reportedly heard in the tunnels. Another version of the story had visitors a little more up-close and personal with the spirits, claiming they felt small hands hitting them and scratching them through the stretch of roadway.

No matter the story or version thereof, these are some spooky tunnels that hold all kinds of surprises from years past. The tunnels nowadays are popular places for youngsters to hang out and see if they can see or hear any of the folklore that has been shared over the years. Regardless of what you believe, it's interesting to discover new secrets from the past and hear different versions of haunting tales—especially at this time of the year!

To learn more about Colorado Springs' most haunted locales, check out this article by Tourism Colorado Springs. From our family to yours, have a safe and fun Halloween!

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