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Everything you need to know about the home-buying process in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Should You Buy a New Construction Home?It’s not difficult to understand why Colorado Springs has the appeal it does for new homebuyers. It offers all the amenities and conveniences of bigger urban areas in the state but with a more affordable cost of living and opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. There are many others reasons why we meet so many people looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs and the folks who move here tend to rave about what it’s like to live here. It's no surprise Colorado Springs is known as one of the fastest growing areas in the entire country. 

There are many people who enjoy views of Pikes Peak and the entire Front Range every day of the year, and with its clean, crisp fresh air, this area can’t be beat. Colorado Springs residents are certainly lucky

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Should You Buy Or Rent In Colorado Springs?

Deciding whether to buy or rent is one of the first things that crosses one's mind when they're told they're PCSing, and it's not always an easy decision. You have to take stock of your personal finances, consider what the housing market is like where you're moving to, and decide if it makes sense for you and your family. For those given orders to PCS to Colorado Springs and the rate at which rents are increasing, this decision is becoming less hard to make, especially if you can take advantage of a VA loan.

Colorado Rents Are On The Rise

According to an article in the Denver Post in 2016, 40% of working Colorado renters spend more than 1/3 of their pre-tax income on rent and utilities. What is even more alarming is that one in every four

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How to Shop For A Home in the WinterBuying a home is often a stressful experience. Not only do you want to make sure you are purchasing the right home for you, but there could be other external factors that make homebuyers easier or more complicated. For example, if you have children, you may want to consider the time of year that you move. A growing trend that many real-estate experts once discouraged is purchasing a home during the winter. This was once frowned upon by the industry, but the benefits and advantages are making winter purchases ideal for many homebuyers.

Winter is actually a great time to be shopping for a home, but it can come with its own set of challenges as well. Since November, the average home price in The Springs has cooled slightly and the average

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