VA Loan Eligibility

If you’re a veteran, active duty, reservist or a retired service member, chances are you have access to the VA Loan. The VA Loan is a unique homebuying advantage that helps many service members obtain homeownership. But just because you’ve served doesn’t necessarily mean you’re eligible, unfortunately.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has requirements for service members wanting to take advantage of the VA home loan. To be eligible for the VA home loan, service members must meet one of the following requirements:

  • 90 consecutive days active duty service during war time;
  • 181 consecutive days active duty service during peacetime;
  • 6 years’ service in Reserves of National Guard;
  • Surviving spouse of a veteran killed in line of duty or who died of service-connected injury or disability.

There are other eligibility factors for the VA home loan, of course – financial situation, credit score, etc. The above, however, are basic service-based guidelines for eligibility. You must also have your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to determine if you can obtain a VA home loan. This important document officially states that you have the option of using a VA Loan. While you don’t have to have your COE to start the home loan process, you must have it to move forward with financing your home via a VA Loan. Only your home loan expert or loan officer and the VA will be able to determine if you are truly eligible for a VA home loan.

Finding out if you're eligible for a VA loan is quick and easy.