Angels Of America's FallenAngels of America's Fallen

The Military Home Search team is a proud supporter of Angels of America's Fallen, a non-profit organization committed to supporting children of fallen military and first responders by helping them lead fulfilling childhoods. They work with each child individually to find a hobby or activity they love and connect them with a coach or mentor to empower them through the most critical years of their development. By honoring the lost parent's legacy, the goal is to help budding young athletes, artists, and musicians, have the support they need to achieve their dreams and become strong, independent adults. 

They currently support 330 children and have 292 others waiting for funding. Military Home Search began supporting the organization in 2017, first as a Gala sponsor and now consistently as a Bronze Wing Sponsor. 

More About The Program

The program is essentially the same for every child, although it's personalized based on their needs and goals. 

A child can enter the program at any age, and once they're accepted, they're financially supported to participate in an activity up to a certain amount each year until the age of 18. If a child decides to switch from karate to soccer, the program will support them in whatever activity they want to explore, no matter where they live in the country. The ultimate goal is to connect each child with not only a hobby or passion, but more importantly, help them find a special person in their life, whether it's a mentor or coach, who they're able to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with for support and guidance.

In its six-year history, sponsorship recipients have gone onto earn athletic scholarships, musical milestones 

The Annual Angel Gala

Each year, the organization hosts a formal gala to celebrate the positive changes and possibilities in the lives of the children in the program. The heartfelt fundraiser is held annually at The Broadmoor Resort and Conference Center, and typically includes a keynote speaker and performances by some of the children enrolled in the program. This is a beautiful opportunity for sponsors to meet some of the inspiring youngsters enrolled in the program, and see first-hand what a difference their contributions are making in the lives of the children.  

The Military Home Search team consitently participates as the Auction Sponsor for the night. Here are photos from the galas we have sponsored from 2017-2023.

annual angel gala, 2019