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Buying a home in Colorado SpringsBuying a house in Colorado Springs can be equally as exciting as it is daunting. There are so many properties, how do you decide which one's right for you, especially if you're PCSing from another city or country? That's where we come in. At MilitaryHomeSearch.com, we take a specialized approach because we understand your unique needs as a military homebuyer, which often includes things like proximity to your base and nearby schools for your kids.

Our services extend beyond just that of your average real estate team's. We've partnered with Veterans United Home Loans to provide you with state-of-the-art tools search tools to help you find homes that match your needs and to determine just how much house you can afford.

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Buying Real Estate in Colorado Springs

Mortgage Pre-Qualification

The first step to buying a home in Colorado Springs is to find out how much you can afford. The best way to do this is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage, which our partners Veterans United Home Loans would be more than happy to help you with. Pre-qualification will give you the green light on your home by letting you know how much you are approved to borrow. Knowing this ahead of time will help to narrow your vision to what's dictated by your budget, which could prevent disappointment in the long term if you were to find out you couldn't afford the home you had your heart set on. Veterans United Home Loans can help walk you through the pre-qualification process, click here to start the pre-qualification process.

After you've been pre-qualified to buy a home, the fun begins! Now you're free to start shopping for your dream home based on what you can afford. Save time by browsing all of the listings in the Colorado Springs MLS® Board anytime, which mean's that you can shop when it's convenient for you. Customize your search and use our BAH Calculator to find out how much you can expect to receive each month towards your housing needs.

If you already know what base you're stationed at, then find homes by searching by base to find homes nearby!

Find The Right Neighborhood

Finding the right neighborhood for your family is just as important as the house itself. How far is the commute? How close are the homes to one-another? Are there grocery stores, schools, and other amenities nearby? Is the area known for it's sense of community? Let us know what type of neighborhood you're looking for and we'll be happy to provide a few suggestions, or click below to read more about the different communities in Colorado Springs.

Buying Homes With MilitaryHomeSearch.com

Once you've found the perfect home and location, it's up to your real estate agent to negotiate with the seller and close the deal. If you're not located in Colorado Springs, having a real estate agent that you trust to represent you is vital, and we respect that. If you are located in the Colorado Springs area , then we'll go with you to tour homes, attend home inspections, and join you on the final walkthrough. If you're located elsewhere, we'll do all of the above on your behalf, because your individual needs and satisfaction are our top priority.

Connect with our team to learn more about our services and to find out how we can help you on your journey to home ownership! Send us a message or give us a call at 719.373.1906.

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