4 Safety Hazards That Can Be Found in the Home

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Monday, July 20th, 2020 at 7:20am.

The Biggest Dangers Hidden in Your HomeWho would ever imagine that some of the biggest dangers would reside in the same space we inhabit? Because the risks in the home are very real, it is important to understand some top dangers that homeowners face daily.

Fire Hazards

Most home fires actually stem from electrical outlet overloads. We plug in gadgets and gizmos willingly alongside large appliances without a second thought, which is why experts advise us to unplug unused appliances just as they recommend blowing out candles. A secondary hazard is the lint hanging around in the dryer—a flammable enemy that routinely goes unnoticed.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is on the decline, thanks to the predominance and affordability of CO2 detectors. Often combined with smoke detectors, these gems let us know when a gas leak or fuel-burning fireplace is compromising our environment. Invest in CO2 detectors, and if any alerts are raised, evacuate the premises immediately.

Toxic Substances

Poison abounds in the home environment, and all those cleansers, pesticides and air fresheners that make life easier can just as easily be dangerous. Keep these items out of arms reach of children, and keep potentially flammable items away from heating elements. Both humans and pets are at risk, but installing counter latches is an ideal solution.

Slips and Falls

It's not the living room, but the bathroom is actually the top utilized area of the home. Between showers, sinks and the toilets, there's a lot of water going on in a very confined space. Maintain safety with easy-to-install items such as grip mats on the floors, shower grab bars and a latch on the medicine cabinet or zones where hazards like hair spray, nail polish and mouthwash are stored.

The home is where we consider our safe space, and avoiding these common home dangers helps to ensure our happiness. 

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