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Save Energy and Money with Effective Home InsulationA home insulation plan that takes air sealing and ventilation into account can dramatically improve a home's energy efficiency. This, in turn, can save on utility bills while also making the home more comfortable year-round. Here are three critical questions to consider to ensure effective home insulation.

What Type of Insulation Is Best for Your Home?

Insulation should be chosen based on the home's design and the local climate. The U.S. Department of Energy has guides to help builders or homeowners figure out the right insulation for each application.

Insulation is categorized by its resistance to conductive heat flow, which is known as its R-value. The higher an R-value, the more effective the insulation.

Insulation types can be generally

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The Difference Between the 3 Home Heating TypesHeating is essential in a home because it keeps the space comfortable during cold weather. However, there isn't just one type of heating that homes can use. A homeowner must know which heating type their home uses to maintain it properly and hire the right person to repair it should something go wrong. If a home buyer is getting a new construction home, they may want a specific heating type in certain spaces. Here are the three main types of home heating systems and how they differ from each other.

Central Heating

Central heating is the type of system that most homeowners are familiar with. This includes furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps that distribute heat evenly throughout the home. Furnaces are the most commonly seen in homes, while boilers

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10 Signs of Foundation Damage and How to Remediate ThemA house is a major investment and one all homeowners want to retain value. Sometimes events happen that can cause significant damage, especially if not remedied in time. For instance, any flaws or damage found in a home's foundation can result in more severe problems. Learn to recognize early warning signs of potential foundation problems and act quickly to fix them.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can result from several factors. Many are directly related to the soil underneath and surrounding the house. Fluctuations in soil expanding and shrinking can put too much force on a structure and damage it. Poor drainage is another primary cause of foundational issues.

Over time, pressure can build beneath the ground's surface

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Best Flooring Choices for the HomeUpdating the flooring in any room is a huge project that can make a significant difference in the room's look and feel. There are more flooring choices out there than ever, each with its pros and cons. Learn more about the following top flooring options and why they are popular with today's homeowners.

Hardwood Flooring for Classic Elegance

This flooring style has enduring appeal, and it's easy to see why. Hardwood is highly durable; with proper care, it can last for decades. Hardwood flooring can also increase a home's resale value—sellers should consider updating for a better home showing. Additionally, hardwood can be refinished to renew its look.

There are hardwood flooring choices that fit every style. Those who like a classic and

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Want a More Efficient Home? These Upgrades Can Save Money and Add ValueIn today's increasingly eco-friendly world, more homeowners are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the primary concerns in doing so is whether energy-efficient renovations will be worthwhile. To try and boost the return on investment (ROI) of the property with efficient changes, owners must choose smart enhancements that buyers are willing to pay for. The following projects should be considered for high-ROI, energy-efficient upgrades to help owners save money and are desired by buyers.

Insulated Garage Doors

Garages can get extremely cold and hot as the seasons change, making working or even parking in them uncomfortable—and far less efficient. Insulated garage doors add an extra thermal layer of protection inside the

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The Best Interior Designers in Colorado Springs, COInterior designers not only make residential and commercial spaces beautiful, but they also design these spaces to be functional and safe. While interior designers do put a lot of effort and experience towards design fixtures like lighting, furniture, materials, and colors, their influence in deciding space requirements and the overall design of the space itself has a much longer-lasting impact. That's why it's important to find the best interior designer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for your residential or commercial space.

Pikes Peak Interiors

Address: Pikes Peak Interiors, 2110 Hollow Brook Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Pikes Peak Interiors is an award-winning interior design team that specializes in window treatments like custom drapes,

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How to Keep Your Home Safe and SecureSecurity is not a one-size-fits-all package for homeowners, which is why there are several systems from which to choose. Learn more about four types of home security and how each one can benefit your home.

DIY Security

One of the most practical forms of home security is relying on a person's general common sense and instincts. As a homeowner walks the property, they can see where the shadows pool or if certain windows provide easy access to the home while people are asleep.

Taking simple precautions like putting lights on a timer or investing in motion lights can ensure the home doesn't look deserted. Even putting a sign in front that states the home is protected by a security system (even if it isn't) can be helpful.

Local Solutions


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3 Home Tools Every Homeowner NeedsWhen moving into a new home, the first thing the new homeowner should do is purchase a tool box. A tool box is a convenient, portable place to keep everything necessary to perform quick fixes and repair jobs around the home. Here are the essentials that everyone should start with.

A Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are an important tool, but they can also be overwhelming with all the different sizes and shapes of heads. Plus, large sets of screwdrivers can get expensive, and many homeowners don’t want to spend a lot of money on tools. Because of that, many homeowners don’t know which ones to get. The best option for getting different shapes and sizes while staying cost-effective is by getting a magnetic screwdriver set. These screwdrivers have a

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The Biggest Dangers Hidden in Your HomeWho would ever imagine that some of the biggest dangers would reside in the same space we inhabit? Because the risks in the home are very real, it is important to understand some top dangers that homeowners face daily.

Fire Hazards

Most home fires actually stem from electrical outlet overloads. We plug in gadgets and gizmos willingly alongside large appliances without a second thought, which is why experts advise us to unplug unused appliances just as they recommend blowing out candles. A secondary hazard is the lint hanging around in the dryer—a flammable enemy that routinely goes unnoticed.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is on the decline, thanks to the predominance and affordability of CO2 detectors. Often combined with smoke

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4 Painting Tips Everyone Needs to KnowOne of the easiest ways to customize a room inside a home is by painting the walls in a fun or stylish color. Homeowners can easily hire someone to come to the home and do the painting for them, but for homeowners who want to break into DIY, painting is the perfect place to start. 

Remove All Furniture From the Room

The first step to painting a room is to protect everything in it from the paint, and the easiest way to do that is to take it out of the room. If the furniture is too big or too heavy to be taken out completely, then the homeowner should pull it away from the wall and place it in the center of the room. Optionally, they can also cover it with a tarp to ensure that it’s protected from any stray splatters of paint.

Use Painter’s

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