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High ROI Home ImprovementsWhile the first person you should be trying to please when doing renovations is yourself, the second person is the next person who buys your Fountain home. Especially for those planning on selling in the near future, it's a good idea to consider renovations that offer a high return on investment so you can make some of that money back. If you absolutely adore the idea of hot pink subway tiles in your kitchen, you are well within your rights to do that, but it's important to be educated on how more quirky renovations affect home value.

Here are the highest ROI home improvements you can do.

Garage Door Replacement

Cost of Job: $3,470

Resale Value: $3,411

The garage door may not be the first thing one thinks of when embracing their inner

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New Years Resolutions For Your HomeFor many individuals, New Years is a transformative time. It's when we can take a look back on the year behind us and make some productive or healthy resolutions to make life better in the upcoming year.

New Year's resolutions are not only for individuals looking to lose weight or quit smoking; it's also a great idea to make some resolutions for your home. Here are some examples of New Year's resolutions to make your home better in 2017:

Save Money on Interest with an Extra Mortgage Payment

One of the best ways to drastically reduce your mortgage term and actually save money in the long-term is by making a few extra mortgage payments. Whether it's making a large lump sum payment or simply adding a little bit more each time you pay, you could

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How to create the perfect home office

From telecommuting to freelancing, more people are working from home than ever before. Unfortunately, it's also one of the first areas to get neglected in terms of décor and upkeep. Regardless if you're working remote or just occasionally paying some bills and checking the internet, you deserve to have a home office that's both pretty and productive – and you don't have to break the bank to get it.

Here are some tips to help create the perfect home office:

Location Is Key

Location is the foundation to success. If you're easily distracted, try setting up in a room that's away from the main living area. If you're going to have client's coming by, it might be best to position yourself somewhere near the main door and make sure you have plenty of

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How to keep your home cool this summer

For somewhere with such a diverse climate, it may come as a surprise that a number of homes in Colorado Springs don't come equipped with air conditioning. If the hot summer weather has you feeling a little uncomfortable in your home, here are some tips that are not only easy on the wallet, but the environment too!

Close Your Blinds, Windows, and Doors

A considerable amount of heat is generated from light as it passes through glass, which is one of the biggest sources of natural heat in your home. As nice as it is to let the natural light illuminate your space, try keeping your blinds closed during the day, at least while the sun is shining directly on that area. If you don't already have them, it might be worthwhile to invest in white blinds and

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How to Set Up a Home GymFor many fitness enthusiasts, staying in shape isn't limited to visits to the gym. Building a home training studio is a rewarding project that involves careful planning before plugging in that treadmill. Here's what to keep in mind for this home improvement.

Location, Location, Location

An effective home gym is more than an empty room full of equipment here and there. Start by picking the best room in your residence. It should be large enough to hold the equipment necessary and situated in a spot that discourages noise transmission. An 8-foot ceiling is ideal to accommodate headroom for tall equipment and for stretching. A basement is often the first choice. A second option might be a guest bedroom. Since working out generates significant

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