Public Transportation in Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs, CO Public Transit Guide

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Monday, February 8th, 2021 at 11:09am.

Public Transportation in Colorado Springs

High up in altitude and ranking in the top for unique, natural beauty, Colorado Springs is the largest city by area in the state of Colorado. With all the landmarks the city holds, it stands as a vital cornerstone for state tourism and residency alike. Given how large the city is, a priority for Colorado Springs has been developing and maintaining reliable systems of transportation, which includes public transportation that will help improve downtown driving times.

The city has been investing heavily in order to expand both its pedestrian and public transportation corridors, whether you want to commute from your suburbian luxury home or a downtown condo in Colorado Springs. Mountain Metro Transit, PikeRide, and ONE-RIDE remain the essential ways to get around Colorado Springs, with each service bearing multiple offerings that cater to the public's needs in different ways. Read on to learn more about Colorado Springs public transit.

Mountain Metro Transit (MMT)

Mountain Metro Transit provides the Colorado Springs and surrounding Pikes Peak area with over 11,000 one-way trips daily, and strives to be a reliable and cost-effective solution. Strollers and bikes may be brought on board all MMT vehicles, and service animals as well as pet-approved carriers are also welcome. The intention behind MMT operations is to meet the needs of riders, offering a convenient ride that gets everyone to their destination.

MMT also offers Mountain Metro Rides, which is a program that organizes alternative transportation for residents throughout the Pikes Peak area. The intention behind this program is to reduce traffic congestion and decrease environmental impact by encouraging the use of carpools, van pools, bicycles, or even walking.

Tickets may be purchased online, at ticket machines throughout the area, or at participating King Soopers or Safeway grocery stores.

Mountain Metro Transit Ticket Prices

  • Base fare: $1.75 for adults aged 19-59
  • Special fare: $0.85 for youth aged 6-18 or seniors 60+
  • Youth aged 5 or younger: ride for free with a paid adult fare
  • Transfers: free for everyone with a paid fare

Mountain Metro Transit Special Offers

  • 31-Day Ticket (unlimited rides): $63
  • Special fare 31-Day Ticket (youth aged 6-18 or seniors 60+): $31
  • 20-Ride Ticket (unlimited rides): $32
  • Special fare 20-Ride Ticket: $16
  • Summer Haul Pass (unlimited rides June 1 - August 31 for youth 18 and younger): $25
  • Day Pass (unlimited rides): $4


Bicycles are another form of transportation that has a relatively low impact on the environment while remaining cost-effective, healthy, and fun. PikeRide is a bike-share platform that allows people to rent not just any type of bicycle, but "e-bikes," which are equipped with electric-assist features. These features mean that a rider can turn on a bike motor that assists with pedaling instead of having to do it all by themselves. This functionality makes it easier to climb hills and inclines, as well as to quickly maneuver through traffic.

To rent a PikeRide e-bike, anyone interested needs to first download the app and set up an account. The first 15 minutes of the first ride are free. Both the app and the PikeRide website offer a detailed map of all the various hub locations from which the bikes can be rented or dropped off.

PikeRide Ticket Costs

  • Pay As You Go: $1 to unlock a bike, then $0.15 per minute of riding
  • 24-Hour Pass for unlimited 4-hour bike rides: $20


ONE-RIDE is a call center that is the result of a collaborative effort between Mountain Metro, Envida, Silver Key, Valley Senior Center, and Community Intersections. The ride service was designed to serve door-to-door pickups for anyone who needs it, for any services needed ranging from getting groceries through making it to medical appointments. Instead of having to chase down individual agencies to find someone available, and then coordinate details ranging from call-backs through contact information, ONE-RIDE provides a one-stop-shop to its users.

Since January 2018, ONE-RIDE has been serving the Colorado Springs area, taking away the agency-hunting quest from individuals and moving the work onto trained agents dedicated to this service. ONE-RIDE has up-to-date contact information available, and they can coordinate transportation to occur exactly where it is needed most.

However, the intended efficiency of ONE-RIDE extends beyond door-to-door service. Bringing agencies together to serve the community in this way helps to save money, reduce fuel consumption, and consolidate community resources into one streamlined solution.

ONE-RIDE Ticket Costs

  • Community Intersections: No fare
  • Envida: No fare, but voluntary contributions are welcome
  • Fountain Valley Senior Center: $4.00 donation encouraged
  • Metro Mobility: $3.50 fare
  • Mountain Metro: $1.75 fare for ages 19-59; free for up to age 5 when traveling with a paid adult; $0.85 fare for ages 6-18, or 65+
  • Silver Key: No fare

Getting Around Colorado Springs

From the Mountain Metro Transit through PikeRide, the municipality is trying to ensure that everyone has accessible ways to get around Colorado Springs. No matter where someone is going, these services strive to provide an option that can serve the people who live in Colorado Springs.

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