Colorado Springs Schools and School Districts: Colorado Springs Schooling Guide

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Monday, March 22nd, 2021 at 9:41am.

Schools and School Districts in Colorado Springs

The mountain community of Colorado Springs takes education seriously, and there are nearly 400 schools and colleges in the area. There are over 140 public district schools, 31 charter schools, 200+ private schools, and a handful of exceptional colleges to consider. For those new to the area or planning to relocate to the city, the following information explores some of the biggest districts and most popular schools in Colorado Springs, CO.

Public School Districts Serving Colorado Springs, CO

While public schools abound, there are a few districts that have proven to exceed expectations for students and parents year after year. These school districts include the Colorado Springs 11 District, the Academy 20 School District, and the Cheyenne Mountain 12 School District.

Colorado Springs 11 School District

Public Schools and School Districts in Colorado SpringsThere are 55 schools and alternative facilities amid the Colorado Springs 11 School District, with grades ranging from pre-kindergarten up to grade 12. By far, this is the largest district in the region, but it has a reputation for managing resources to the greatest benefit of attending students and staff. Pre-K and kindergarten are available at no cost, while older youths can choose from a variety of accelerated plans and programs.

Academy 20 School District

Another option for all grade levels is the Academy 20 School District. District 20 is noted for students seeking education in the visual and performing arts, but these programs require applications, additional fees, and a high level of commitment by both parents and students.

Cheyenne Mountain 12 School District

While the Cheyenne Mountain School District only has 11 schools, they have plenty of offerings for those who attend. This district has one preschool, four schools that serve kindergarten through sixth grade, one school that serves grades seven and eight, one school that serves grades nine through 12, and one school that serves kindergarten through 12.

Colorado Springs Charter Schools

Charter Schools in Colorado Springs, COColorado Springs Charter Academy is a public charter school that serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The academy places a strong emphasis on core education and keeps homework for students reasonable compared to other institutions. James Irwin Charter Schools have a specialized elementary that services K-8 grades, while their high school offers classes for those in grades 9 through graduation.

The New Summit Charter Academy offers a unique educational opportunity for students beyond the core curriculum. In addition to skill level grouping and classes promoting the Flippen Group's immersive experience protocols, they offer a gifted and talented program. Overall, these are the most popular charter schools in Colorado Springs, but these are far from all the programs available to residents.

Private Schools in Colorado Springs

Private Schools in Colorado Springs, CORecent numbers show there are almost 50 private schools located around Colorado Springs, with a student body of just over 6,000 students. These schools tend to have a low student-teacher ratio. On average, tuition ranges between $7,000 and $10,000 annually, but many offer scholarships for qualified local applicants.

The Colorado Springs School is one of the most popular private schools for students seeking a more hands-on and immersive educational experience. While the courses are challenging, most are designed to teach kids in K-12 practical approaches that are real-world applicable. Most classes are kept small to ensure that every child gets the individual support they need to succeed and be college-ready.

Attendees at the Rocky Mountain Montessori Academy are a mixed group of students ranging from toddlers to middle school level. With a 10-students-per-classroom limit, children enjoy a highly personalized level of education in addition to an array of extracurricular activities.

Colleges and Universities Near Colorado Springs

Colleges and Universities in Colorado Springs, COThere are several public and private colleges and universities around Colorado Springs ranging from two-year community programs up to four-year degree options with masters and doctoral opportunities. From technology to military options and affordable community colleges, there's no better place to seek higher education than this city.

Colorado College is a four-year liberal arts institution that is by far one of the most popular places for higher education in Colorado Springs. Tuition for full-time students can cost over $30,000, and getting in is competitive, as acceptance rates are around 14 percent.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is a public institution for undergraduate pursuits. Popular majors here are nursing, business, and psychology. As a mid-sized college, classes are typically small and more customized for students individually. Tuition is also fairly reasonable, with full-time attendees paying an average of $15,000 yearly. Students can choose online majors, attend in-person, or opt for a combination of course studies to meet their scheduling needs.

Colorado Technical University offers flexible class schedules and highly supportive teaching staff. Classes are available online for most students and degrees, which fall within the ever-growing field of technology, business management, finance, and other in-demand jobs. Tuition averages just over $16,000 annually for full-time attendance. Colorado Tech offers a large array of programs, including bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.

Pikes Peak Community College is the go-to place for fresh graduates and even high school students seeking to earn dual enrollment credits. This institution is also geared towards opportunities to hone in on a new degree goal or to fine-tune current skills. There are numerous campuses for convenience, and there are various student-related events for attendees to get involved in. Pricing is affordable at about $5,000 per semester for full-time courses.

Attending the United States Air Force Academy is an honor and privilege enjoyed by a mere 10 percent of applicants, and this fine institution has one of the most competitive entry processes in the nation. True to its military roots, one must have a high degree of physical fitness, leadership skills, and a desire to serve others for a lifetime. Application processes typically require a high GPA and even a congressional nomination to even be considered. The most popular degree choices here are aerospace engineering, business, and systems engineering.

Discover Your Home at a Colorado Springs School

While the community takes pride in being a quiet and peaceful respite full of outdoor activities and relaxation, there is no skimping on the quality of educational opportunities in Colorado Springs. Take a look around Colorado Springs' townhomes in areas near schools of choice, investigate new construction homes in Colorado Springs' most popular neighborhoods, and enjoy finding your new home among the mountains.

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