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Best Dog Parks in Colorado Springs

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the first dog park was founded in 1979 in San Francisco. Since then, thousands of these canine playgrounds have popped up around the country, including in Colorado Springs.

It's not surprising that these canine playgrounds become so popular. Dogs owners love to see their pets get a little off-leash freedom. Oftentimes, the owners are doing just as much socializing. In fact, dog parks are often an important social hub for canines and their owners alike. The following five puppy playgrounds are some of the best dog parks in Colorado Springs.

Bear Creek Dog Park

Bear Creek Dog Park Amenities

  • Completely fenced
  • Different terrain types
  • Bear Creek
  • Agility training equipment
  • Separate area for
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Most Popular Attractions in Colorado Springs

Located in east central Colorado, Colorado Springs is a popular destination among tourists with all types of hobbies and interests. Whether someone is traveling on their own or in a group, Colorado Springs is the perfect destination. When someone visits Colorado Springs, they will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of exciting attractions. With so many options, both tourists and locals alike will be able to find plenty of ways to enjoy themselves and make lasting memories. Residents of Colorado Springs and travelers to this city should consider adding the following popular Colorado Springs attractions to their itinerary.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods Park is a public park that has been designated as a National Natural

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Things to Do With Kids in Colorado Springs

It's no secret that Colorado as a whole is a hub for outdoor adventures and active lifestyles. That's true of Colorado Springs, a Front Range city renowned for being nestled at the base of Pike's Peak and having mild year-round weather. The city is also well known for its ties to the Olympics and the military.

Colorado Springs is also a wonderful place for children, with seemingly endless activities. The best part is that many of them are interactive and educational, incorporating Colorado's unique history and climate. Here are some fun things to do with kids in Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods Park

Garden of the Gods Park Amenities

  • Visitor center
  • Educational programs for visitors
  • Guided tours
  • Toddler Time
  • Junior
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Best Night Life Locations in Colorado SpringsWhile it might not be an everyday routine, getting out on the town to enjoy some nightlife in Colorado Springs can be a special treat. However, those looking for the best spots for evening outings will not want to miss these top-rated locations that locals recommend.

The Jazz-Funk Connection

  • Address: The Jazz-Funk Connection, 2355 Platte Pl, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
  • Phone: (719) 632-4541
  • Hours: Mon–Thurs Noon–6 p.m. (10 p.m. Wednesdays), Fri–Sat Noon–midnight, Closed Sunday

As a live music venue that has been designed and established by musicians for musicians, The Jazz-Funk Connection offers some of the finest performances in town. While a small venue, the acoustics here are praised by pros and amateurs and, most importantly, by

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Check Out These Top 4 Colorado Springs Theaters to Enjoy a Live ShowWhen it's time to get out and enjoy some theatrical performances, hear live music, or see a great show, attending the best theaters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the only way to go! The following venues are some local favorites, so you don't have to do any of the research and can get straight to booking a ticket.

Colorado Springs Philharmonic

Classical music takes on a new life at a show featuring the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. Since 1927, the most talented individuals in the region have banded together in an effort to continue the works once offered by the Colorado Springs Symphony Ensemble.

As a community-minded group, tickets are generally very affordable and performances vary from traditional classics to shows that are geared

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Visiting Colorado Springs? Check Out These Guided ToursIf you're visiting Colorado Springs, Colorado, you'll definitely want to go on a tour to view everything there is to see. The entire region is essentially one giant playground, with endless trails to explore and towering mountains to climb. Additionally, it's a community rich with history, and those who travel here are always searching for new bits of information to uncover. Whether you're new to the area and trying to get to know your neighborhood or just visiting, these tours are a great way to start.

Fins Course Zipline Tour

Address: The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure, 6 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

Fins Course Zipline Tour is a tour for people seeking adventure and fun high above the tops of the trees. This zipline tour is a unique

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Where to Find Local Bookstores in Colorado Springs, COAvid readers know that there's no better place to discover their new favorite book than in a local bookstore. Not only can shoppers browse the various titles by examining their covers and flipping through the pages, but they also can rely on the expertise of the bookseller. Fortunately, book lovers in Colorado Springs have many bookstores to enjoy, including the following four locations.

Westside Stories

Address: Barista Espresso & Specialty Roasters, 631 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

For 30 years, Westside Stories has been a staple in the Colorado Springs community, offering book lovers an opportunity to browse for their favorite titles in a comfortable and relaxed environment. This independent bookseller offers both new and used

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Free Things to Do in Colorado Springs, COHere in Colorado Springs, there are numerous ways for visitors and locals of all ages to experience a wide range of activities at no cost. From meandering through nature to getting informed at local museums, here are the top free things to do in the area.

Explore the Beauty of Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is an inspiring terrain that creates some of the most beautiful photographs prized by nature lovers. Visitors can meander the ridges and canyons to discover covered natural enclaves and find inspiration. The terrain is varied at this 240-million-year-old geological treasure that's ideal for hiking, biking, riding horses, and climbing enthusiasts. No admission is required at Red Rock Canyon.

Have Fun at the Uncle Wilber Fountain in Acacia

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Public Transportation in Colorado Springs

High up in altitude and ranking in the top for unique, natural beauty, Colorado Springs is the largest city by area in the state of Colorado. With all the landmarks the city holds, it stands as a vital cornerstone for state tourism and residency alike. Given how large the city is, a priority for Colorado Springs has been developing and maintaining reliable systems of transportation, which includes public transportation that will help improve downtown driving times.

The city has been investing heavily in order to expand both its pedestrian and public transportation corridors, whether you want to commute from your suburbian luxury home or a downtown condo in Colorado Springs. Mountain Metro Transit, PikeRide, and ONE-RIDE remain the essential ways to

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Where to Go Bowling in Colorado SpringsColorado Springs bowling alleys offer the ultimate in indoor fun – plus plenty of great food, too. Not all bowling alleys are the same, however, so it pays off to plan ahead and find the best options. That's easier said than done, because there are so many places to choose from in the area. To narrow down the options, everyone can use the following short guide to explore the top five locations.

The Summit Interquest

Address: InterQuest Marketplace,1180 Interquest Parkway, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921

With their regulation size lanes and modern features, Colorado bowling is at its best at The Summit Interquest. Visitors can rent a lane by the hour, each of which comes with a comfortable seating area, a large screen TV, and an automatic

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